Carolyn, gratitude blogger

Glad to Meet You

I'm Carolyn, Coloradoan of nearly 20 years, native Western New Yorker and former temporary New Englander. Wife of one. Mother of three. Daughter. Sister. Keeper of much and wonderer of more.  What do I wonder? Do I laugh enough for my children to remember the sound...Where will my travels take me next...Is it true that it's never too late for (practically) anything...Do the people I love know how much I love them...Does 'all things in moderation' include bourbon? (Let's hope.)

I'm here because I like to think I operate from a place of thanks. But, truth is, many days I get so wrapped up in the daily mess of it all that, well, I forget to say it.  I'm here to hold myself to it, and to help a few others remember, too.   

group of people standing with arms linked around each other, photographed from back

Let's Share 

Think of it like, I don't know, having a sponsor.  Or a walking buddy. A writers' group or a cleanse partner.  At, we can hold each other accountable for saying thank you every day for the big, the small, the everywhere in between. Feel free to visit my blog to see what I Say Thank You  for today!  And when my webhost gets a Comments section up and running, I'll be excited to see what you Say Thank You for.

coffee cup, writing paper and pen

Hire it Out

Handwritten thank you notes--and any other kind of note for that matter (congratulatory, milestone marker, sympathy)--are my thing.  In fact,  I won't even let my kids get away with a texted or e-mailed version of a thank you note. Uh-uh.  Written.  By hand.   Neatly.   And thoughtfully. 

I've been writing handwritten thank you notes since I learned how to write my own name.  I realize, though, that it's not everyone's strong suit.  Or that some folks simply don't delegate the time.  So in the event that you need a bundle of wedding thank yous --or one special, singular note composed--I'm here to help.